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Viewers respond to our report on the Indian space program


Global markets suffer major drop


Lifting Filipinos out of poverty by growing social entrepreneurship at home


Is India’s space program worth the money?


India marks three years without polio, but challenges still remain


Malala hopes to earn prize of seeing 'every child' go to school


Simple surgery changes how world's rural poor see the world


Indian central bank chief on the wake-up call to reduce foreign money dependence


Number of imprisoned journalists is second-highest on record


Kim Jong Un's deadly power play stokes fear in foreign governments


Philippines disaster inspires 'typhoon' of aid activity to meet basic needs


Does North Korea's purge signal rising instability?


North Korea executes high-level official, charging leader's uncle was a traitor


News Wrap: Biden visits China amid tension over air defense zone


Biden rebukes China for imposing air defense zone over disputed islands


Can U.S., Pakistan move forward in building a 'reality-based relationship'?


News Wrap: Hamid Karzai sets conditions for his signature on U.S. security deal


News Wrap: Susan Rice urges Afghan President Karzai to sign security deal


News Wrap: U.S. steps up pressure for Afghan security deal


How would delaying an Afghan deal complicate U.S. commitments in the region?


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