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All-women team goes on the hunt for poachers in South Africa


Strangers step inside this portal to make global connections


News Wrap: Suicide bombers kill dozens in Iraq


Pious Philippines rolls out reproductive health law amid opposition


Missionary recounts Ebola fight as both doctor and patient


ISIS reportedly holding Christian civilians captive


Seeking refuge in UK, migrants get stuck in Calais


How Katie Ledecky is dominating distance swimming


News Wrap: UN warns female and child casualties are on the rise in Afghanistan


Living in fear after attacks on migrants in South Africa


Why Hungary is building a new ‘Iron Curtain’


New documentary offers close-up view of violent cartels


Kerry visits Persian Gulf to sell allies on Iran deal


Are Mideast allies buying the Iran deal being sold by the Obama administration?


Sudanese military bombings don’t spare civilians, aid workers


How long-lasting is promising Ebola vaccine protection?


How many ballistic missile submarines does the U.S. really need?


Debris may be first trace of missing Malaysian plane


Will debris help narrow search for MH370?


Rebel commander says Americans on the ground in Syria calling in airstrikes


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