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How this Indian medical chain makes heart surgery affordable


News Wrap: Hungary arrests migrants under new laws


Risking journey to Greece, more than 20 migrants drown off Turkey


Europe was ‘ill-prepared’ for refugee deluge, says German ambassador to the U.S.


Accidental killing of tourists highlights Egypt-U.S. tension over military aid


As EU steps up controls, refugees wish for open land borders from Turkey


How should EU manage its borders amid the migrant crisis?


How to protect the vulnerable eggs of Mexico’s sea turtles? Drones.


Before influx of new migrants, what’s Germany doing to help the crisis?


Buried underwater, Ancient Egyptian artifacts rise to the surface in Paris


News Wrap: More than 10,000 migrants reach Austrian border in 24 hours


What life in transit looks like for refugee families in Europe


The security challenge of resettling Syrian refugees in the U.S.


News Wrap: Heavy rains, border police meet refugees in Macedonia


Russia ramps up support in Syria, causing worry in the West


What does Moscow get from offering Assad military support?


News Wrap: Al-Qaida rebels capture key Syrian air base


On the front lines of the refugee crisis, Hungarians worry about accepting newcomers


Desperate conditions push refugees in Lebanon to dream of Europe


Will EU proposal relieve pressure on those bearing the brunt of the migrant crisis?


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