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Medicare Patients Aren't Getting Sicker or Older, But Doctors Are Charging More


The Nature of Muslim Protests and Police Response to Disorder


Muslim Protests in 20 Countries, Violent Demonstrations Focus on U.S. Embassies


After Libyan Embassy Attacks, Witnessing a Battle of Ideas in the Arab World


Details on Embassy Attacks, How an Anti-Muslim Video Has Arab Muslims Riled


Anti-Muslim Video Sparks More Violent Demonstrations Across Muslim World


Tensions High as U.S. Tells Israel to Defer Attacks on Iran Over Nuclear Program


Israel Unhappy at U.S. Approach to Curbing Iran's Nuclear Program


News Wrap: Yemeni Defense Minister Narrowly Escapes Death in Car Bomb Explosion


Washington Nationals' Star Pitcher Stephen Strasburg Benched For Rest of Season


Democracy Still Fragile in Iraq, Where Sectarian Tensions Reach Breaking Point


Iraq's Sunni Vice President Says Death Sentence is Politically Motivated


News Wrap: Pair of Bombings Strike Separate Parts of Damascus


'Trust Is Absolutely Essential:' Combatting Afghan Infiltrator Violence


News Wrap: Bombing at Village Funeral in Afghanistan Kills at Least 25 Civilians


News Wrap: President Obama Targets Romney on Health Care During Tour of Colleges


Reports of Iran's Nuclear Progress Aggravate Tensions Between Tehran and West


New Proof that Iran Is Increasing Supply of Enriched Uranium for Nuclear Program


U.N. Monitors Exit Syria, Failing to Stop Bloodshed


News Wrap: Syrian Dep. Prime Minister Objects to U.S. Threat of Intervention


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