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Economics Nobel winner Thaler shed light on how real people behave


Puerto Rico’s power struggles predate Hurricane Maria


News Wrap: Hurricanes deal temporary blow to U.S. job market


How Ellen Pao realized women ‘cannot succeed’ in Silicon Valley frat boy culture


Who wins and loses in the GOP’s proposed tax overhaul


Threatening doesn’t work in diplomacy, says Bloomberg of Trump at the UN


Large companies see payoffs in sustainability


Are big tech companies trying to control our lives?


Job training and community college put coal miners on a new path


Why everyone should know how to sell


How coming clean about financial struggle — and counseling others — became a calling


Has Trump been a friend to workers or just good for business?


Searching for the future of currency, major companies try Bitcoin technology


How retailers are banking on options and experiences to draw in shoppers


Why CEOs will still come to the table to work with Trump despite quitting councils


Detroit’s tiny houses give residents a home to rebuild their lives


Can online shopping absorb traditional retail workers?


How the upper middle class keeps everyone else out


After years of slow recovery, U.S. economy boasts solid gains


Can some corporations become forces for good?


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