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iOS 11 Offers New Features for iPhones, iPads


Apple’s New iPhones, Watches and More


Fast-moving Asian Phone Makers Gain on Apple


Are Fast Radio Bursts Evidence of Unknown Life?


The Importance of Sharing on Social Media


US Doctors Successfully Operate on Baby With Four Legs


Netflix Update Changes How Users Rate, Watch Shows


World’s First ‘Smart Jacket’ Ready to Launch


More than Half of the World’s Primates Disappearing


Scientists Race to Save World's Coral Reefs


California to Approve Testing of Truly Driverless Cars


Common Bacteria May Control Disease-Carrying Insects


Lessening Effect of Robots on the Human Work Force


Twitter Fights Abuse, But Free Speech Activists Worry About Censorship


Facebook Update Deals with Fake News Problem


Study: Improved Housing Helps Fight Malaria


Disney Magic: Room Powered by Wireless Electricity


Scientists Create Method to Test Food and Drugs for Purity


Google Announces Two New Updates to Android


These Paper Drones Can Make Deliveries, then Disappear


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