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This week, we introduce you to some of the meals we shared along the Mother Road. Chicago, the eastern starting point of Route 66, is home to deep dish pizza. Chicago deep dish is very different from pizzas in other American cities. And it could just be the richest, cheesiest and most satisfying pizza around. It starts with a round cooking pan, between 5 and 8 centimeters deep. Then comes the pizza dough. The dough is usually made of wheat flour and some butter or oil. That helps make a thicker and sweeter crust. For Chicago deep dish, the dough is spread up and around the side of the pan. Next, the pizza maker fills up that bowl of dough. First comes the cheese, and plenty of it. Then, any meat or vegetables go on top of the cheese. The final step is tomato sauce. Unlike most pizzas, the sauce goes on top of Chicago deep dish.

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