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US Mail Goes Digital, Seeks to Make Junk Mail Fun

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The United States Postal Service is offering a way for people interested in seeing tomorrow’s mail today.

The postal service will send customers images of all their letters, magazines and other mail before they arrive.

The new service is called Informed Delivery. It is an attempt by the U.S. government agency to remain competitive in an ever-changing world.

Postal service officials say the increased use of email, digital messaging services and social media have made it difficult to stay relevant.

David Rupert is a media relations specialist with the postal service who spoke about all the competition the agency now faces.

“Whether you turn on a television, or your computer, or people come to your door with different products and services, all of those are competing for the consumer’s time and energy,” he said.

Interested users are first required to sign up for Informed Delivery. The service is not available in all areas.

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