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WILLIAM BRANGHAM: People who have been sexuallyabused as children often find it takes years

to come to grips with what they have endured.

By then, more often than not, they're blockedfrom taking legal action against those responsible

because of state laws that limit the timewhen such lawsuits can be filed.

But, as Lisa Desjardins reports, just lastweek, New York became the latest of more than

a dozen states to change those limits.

LISA DESJARDINS: New York state's new lawis particularly sweeping. Now individuals

can file civil lawsuits over childhood sexualabuse until they are 55 years old. The limit

had been 23.

It also allows anyone of any age one yearto file a case from the past in a so-called

look-back window. This allows for a floodof lawsuits, including against the Catholic

Church, the Boy Scouts and, in the case wewill discuss tonight, Rockefeller University

in Manhattan.

This year, the school acknowledged the lateDr. Reginald Archibald sexually abused children

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