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Trump claims exoneration from report Democrats call ‘damning’

JUDY WOODRUFF: The long wait is over.

Special counsel Robert Mueller's report onhis investigation into Russian ties to the

Trump campaign and the Trump presidency isfinally public, at least in redacted form.

But the debate over the findings and theirimplications is anything but over.

The president asserts that he has been exonerated,but Democrats insist that's a whitewash of

what the report really says.

And they're accusing the attorney generalof trying to spin the findings in the president's


The redacted report runs 448 pages, brokeninto two volumes, on whether the Trump campaign

conspired with Russia to interfere in the2016 presidential election and whether President

Trump obstructed justice during the investigation.

WILLIAM BARR, U.S. Attorney General: Afternearly two years of investigation...

JUDY WOODRUFF: Attorney General William Barroffered his own summation, before releasing

the report to Congress and the public, firston Russia:

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