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News Wrap: Gunman in French Christmas market attack still at large

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day's other news: BritishPrime Minister Theresa May turned back a bid

to unseat her as leader of the ConservativeParty.

But supporters said she promised to step downbefore the next national elections in 2022.

It all stemmed from resistance to her Brexitdeal with the European Union.

We will have a full report after the newssummary.

Hundreds of police searched across EasternFrance today for the gunman who attacked a

famed Christmas market in Strasbourg.

He is accused of killing at least two peopleand wounding a dozen.

Jonathan Miller of Independent TelevisionNews reports from Strasbourg.

JONATHAN MILLER: France is back on max alert.

The Strasbourg lockdown failed to snare thegunman.

A full-scale international manhunt in fullswing, echoes of the Berlin Christmas market

attack two years ago, the festive spirit ofthis city sacked, the blood of innocents splashed

again on European streets.

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