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News Wrap: Stabbing attacks jolt London, the Netherlands

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day's other news: Stabbingattacks jolted Britain and the Netherlands

at the start of the holiday season.

In the first incident, a man killed two peoplenear London Bridge, before he was shot and

killed by police.

Officials said the man was wearing what lookedlike a suicide bomb vest, but it turned out

to be a fake.

What drove the attack was unclear.

NEIL BASU, U.K. Head of Counterterrorism Operations:I'm now in a position to confirm that it has

been declared a terrorist incident.

But I must stress, we retain an open mindas to any motive.

It would be inappropriate to speculate furtherat this time.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Hours later, in The Hague,three people, including children, were stabbed

on the Dutch city's main shopping street.

Police said that at least one attacker wasat large and the motive was unclear.

In Afghanistan, thousands of people protestedamid alleged fraud -- or protested alleged

fraud, that is, in a recount of September'spresidential election.

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